Web Hosting In India

India’s Affordable Dedicated Server Hosting Services

Professional  Web Hosting Services

Spiderhost is a specialized web hosting company and it is trademarked company for registered company Spiderhost Technologies Pvt Ltd in India. It is a professional web hosting company where you get the best and cost effective web hosting services with plans. It has become a leading web hosting company with their affordable services, uptime guarantee and the effective support system. It is offering the highest standard  and guaranteed customer services. This is the perfect choice for you, because it is offering the 100% uptime services, free trial hosting services, extreme speed, it is SSL secured, unbeatable prices and 30 days money back guarantee services. Their team members are friendly, helpful, understandable and they  are available at 24/7 for technical support.

The services include features like

  • Unlimited Web Space
  • Unlimited Band Width
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Unlimited Domains, PHP, mysql

Their Script Hosting services includes, fantastico web hosting, PHP mysql hosting and softwares like WordPress blog hosting, mambo and Joomla hosting, Forum, FTP, Email and multiple domain hosting.


  1. Servers:

You can get the high computing power with their dedicated servers. It provides the Virtual private servers and dedicated servers.

  • Virtual Private Server Hosting:

It provides the Virtual Private servers with 99.99% guarantee with flexible and affordable cost. The servers have CloudStack KVM and Advance SSD Based Storage. All their Virtual Servers are run on physical servers with multiple 2+ GHZ Xeon processors and connectto multi gigabit networks. To provide the best performance, they also use separate physical networks for storage and internet access. There are so many servers at affordable prices.

  • Dedicated Servers:

Their Dedicated Servers are available with 99.9% server uptime, flexible and affordable prices. It has Tier-III and Tier-IV data center locations. These servers are powered by Xeon processors, RAID 1 Hard Drices, CentOS and cPanel. Their public Cloud platform connects to the Spiderhost Premium  Network with an available bandwidth capacity of 5.0 Tbps. It offers so many monthly server hosting plans for IPV4.

To know more details about their servers and hosting services, visit https://spiderhost.asia/dedicated-servers/


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