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Reliable and Affordable Email Hosting Services India

Professional  Web Hosting Services

Spiderhost is the one of the leading web hosting firms which provides reliable and affordable web hosting services in India. They provide the services such as domains, hosting, servers, emails, and web security within your budget. Now they are offering 40 % off on hosting and on servers and their hosting services just starts at rupees 60 per month. They have a team of dedicated professionals who take care of your website and never compromise on the quality of their services which they are offering to their clients. Their customer support team are at your services round the clock and if you purchased any of their services and if you are not satisfied with their services they they assure for 30 days money back.

Their tea members are highly experienced and provide ultimate speed of 1 Gbit network speed and also offers free trial of reseller hosting services for 10 days. If you are satisfied with their service then you can purchase the package that fits into your business and you cannot find these prices and with top quality services anywhere in the market.

Email Hosting:


They provide exceptional services for email hosting and they charge rupees 180 per month for their services. The available specifications in this hosting are 30 GB space per account, advanced virus protection, you can easily access your mail on your mobile or tablet, easily sharing of the contacts, files, calendars, task and provide 100 % security for all your data.

They never use the shortcuts and use only straight forward methods in providing the services and also provide social media support. They provide inbuilt spam so that it automatically deletes the duplicate content and also provide 24/7 and 365 days ticket support.

For more details, please feel to visit https://spiderhost.asia/enterprise-email-hosting/


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